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Linkedin Learning - Premiere Pro for Self-Taught Editors

Linkedin Learning - Premiere Pro for Self-Taught Editors-QUASAR
English | Size: 3.10 GB
Category: Tutorial

Many successful video editors are self-taught. They know the fundamentals. Their challenge is subtle gaps in knowledge and experience. This course is intended to give a solid grounding in the principles of Premiere Pro, followed by advanced professional workflows designed to polish your results and make you a more efficient user. Maxim Jago explains how to personalize the interface to make Premiere Pro work better for you, understand and manage the relationships between projects and media, and edit faster using advanced tools. He also shows how to leverage presets and motion graphic templates, so you re not creating effects and graphics from scratch every time, and bring your audio quality to a new bar. Finally, learn a variety of super skills that will make you look like a seasoned pro
Linkedin Learning - Premiere Pro

Linkedin Learning - Premiere Pro-XCODE
English | Size: 1.91 GB
Category: Tutorial

Adobe Premiere Pro is a sophisticated and powerful editing platform, and if you're looking for a quick course that can help you get started fast, this short-but-sweet course is an ideal option. Senior staff instructor Ashley Kennedy provides a concise introduction to the world of Premiere Pro and takes you on a step-by-step journey through editing a simple video project. Ashley begins by explaining how to import, organize, and navigate media. She moves on to demonstrate how to select shots, perform basic editing and trimming, make basic audio adjustments, add simple effects and titles, and export a sequence. The course is designed to let you hit the ground running with your own editing project.
Skillshare - Premiere Pro Lumetri: Color Correct like a Pro

Skillshare - Premiere Pro Lumetri: Color Correct like a Pro
English | Size: 1.3GB
Category: Tutorial

This complete course will take you to the essentials of color correction with the Lumetri color tools inside Premiere Pro. You will learn different techniques while also understanding how color philosophy works.

We'll fly together through this wonderful world of colors. And on the end you will be able to fix color issues and take your shots to a higher professional level.
Linkedin Learning Premiere Pro Guru Fixing Video Color and Exposure Problems

Linkedin Learning Premiere Pro Guru Fixing Video Color and Exposure Problems-XCODE
English | Size: 2.57 GB
Category: Tutorial

Even under the best lighting conditions, your footage can have problems. The right post-production tools and techniques can help you achieve the color, tone, and exposure you want for your videos-whether you're performing corrections or creative adjustments. This course shows you how to correct color and exposure issues with Premiere Pro CC. Rich Harrington explores various methods for evaluating and fixing problems: using curves, Lumetri effects, adjustment layers, toning, and more. For more complicated footage problems or an extra boost, Rich shows you how to use the more advanced specialized tools in After Effects, such as the Color Stabilizer and Color Neutralizer effects. Plus, learn how to keyframe effects to compensate for color or exposure changes over time, work with raw video, and make sure your footage is broadcast safe.
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