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This Haunted Isle by Peter Underwood

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This Haunted Isle by Peter Underwood
This Haunted Isle by Peter Underwood
epub | 374.78 KB | English | Peter Underwood | 2018 | Page: 1119

About This Haunted Isle by Peter Underwood :

Peter Underwood has personally visited the historic buildings and sites of Britain, and here presents a wealth of intriguing legends and new stories of ghostly encounters from more than a hundred such throughout the United Kingdom.
From Abbey House in Cambridge to Zennor in Cornwall, this is an A to Z of the haunted houses of Britain. At Bramshill in Hampshire - now a police training college - there have been so many sightings that even sceptical police officers have had to admit that the place is haunted. Beautiful Leeds Castle in Kent has a large, phantom black dog; there is an Elizabethan gentleman (seen by a Canon of the Church of England!) at Croft Castle; a Pink Lady at Coughton Court; a prancing ghost jester at Gaworth; a spectre in green velvet at Hoghton Tower; six ghosts at East Riddlesden Hall; a headless apparition at Westwood Manor; and then there are some little-known ghosts in Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, and the strange ghosts of Chingle Hall, perhaps the most haunted house in England.
These are just a few of the extraordinary stories the author has gathered in his researches around the country, in the course of travels that took him from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, through Northumberland and Yorkshire, to East Anglia, Devon and Cornwall.
Many first-hand accounts are presented here for the first time in a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of Britain's haunted historic properties and scenes; a paranormal guide with a difference, that will bring a new and absorbing interest to visitors to these great houses that are our national heritage.
Perhaps you will be one of the fortunate (or unfortunate!) visitors who encounters a ghost as you wander through these wonderful houses, castles and mansions, where the atmosphere takes us back in time....

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